Transformation Department

Transformation Department

Dr. Laquanta Jones


To elevate school leaders and classroom teachers to their maximum potential, therefore ensuring high-impact, student-driven decisions resulting in a rich knowledge base, meaningful instruction, and focused leadership.

  1. Goal 1: Ensure teachers are effectively utilizing the Tier I Curriculum, are on pace, and are providing grade level instruction to all students. Instruction will have a direct impact on Assessment Index and Progress Index, which are core components in increasing SPS by 3 points per year. 

  2. Goal 2: Ensure quality, job-embedded teacher collaborations (PLCs, Cluster/TAP Meetings, Data Teams) are occurring regularly. Analyzing data and professional collaborations will result in student-driven, meaningful instruction. Instruction is the greatest influence on student achievement, and in turn a 3 point increase on SPS.

  3. Goal 3: Identify program effectiveness and utilize assessments to track student learning progression. Progress-monitoring the effectiveness of programs will result in ensuring all available resources (human, fiscal, and time) are maximized, resulting in increased student achievement from successful, high-impact programs. Increased student achievement will result in an increase of Assessment Index and Progress Index contributing to a 3 point SPS growth.

  4. Goal 4: Build the effectiveness and leadership abilities of school building administrators measured by an increase in student and teacher attendance, a decrease in student discipline and teacher turnover. Attendance of teachers and students is a key factor for increasing SPS by 3 points per year.

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