Physical Plant

Roy F. Rachal, CSRM, FCIEC, AMRT, GPA (318) 449-3195

Supervisor of Physical Plant - Risk Management/Construction/Maintenance
P.O. Box 1230
Alexandria, LA 71309
Phone: (318) 449-3195
Fax: (318) 448-1385

Calls from school employees requesting supplies or maintenance at a school should be directed to the school principal.

The Supervisor of Facilities is responsible for the following:

  • To provide direction of facility maintenance and construction to the district.
  • To provide supervisory leadership in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive District-Wide Sanitary Maintenance Program;
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Risk, Litigation and Insurance Management
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Workers’ Compensation Program
  • To supervise environmental services management to the district;
  • To provide expertise as liaison/consultant to departments conducting procurement;
  • To supervise and administer the district’s work order system
  • To supervise and direct the district’s Custodial Services Operations
  • Staff assigned to district physical plant services operations, shipping, and receiving
  • To direct facility maintenance, construction and renovations;
  • To direct the insurance, risk management and custodial services activities;
  • To create safety and environmental committees in each school and monitor same
  • To direct file maintenance on accidents and environmental incidents for analysis; of direct the district’s environmental program
  • To direct the administration of the district’s workers’ compensation program;
  • To provide liaison/consulting for district’s purchasing programs;
  • To evaluate, manage, administer or provide liaison to TPA on all recordable workers’ compensation accidents/claims and facilitate annual reporting requirements;
  • To supervise and direct all aspects of the district’s worker compensation program;
  • To serve as secretary on the district’s stakeholders committee for maintaining the district’s Emergency Operation Plan (EOP);To work with principals and custodial personnel to maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness and repair in the schools;
  • To supervise the conducting of safety and environmental field audits/threat assessments to insure that all facilities are in compliance with required safety rules and regulations
  • To keep records of all safety training conducted to include subject taught, attendance, date, etc.
  • To maintain the highest knowledge of professionalism in maintenance, construction, safety, environmental, shipping, and receiving fields;
  • To keep current rules and regulations regarding safety, drug-free, environmental and the procurement process;
  • To supervise and assist in investigation of accidents/incidents when requested by management;
  • To provide liaison between district and regulatory agencies regarding safety and environmental
  • To assist in technical oversight on environmental remediation projects, contractual review, specifications writing and special maintenance/renovation projects;
  • To evaluate, manage or provide liaison on all student, visitor, and motor vehicle accidents/claims in the district;
  • To maintain an adequate supporting filing system, assimilate response to legal interrogatory and provide liaison to district’s designated defense counsel in matters of litigation against the district;
  • To keep all records and safety materials up-to-date in accordance with state and federal laws
  • To respond to district emergencies and act as liaison between district and emergency responders;
  • To respond to community questions and needs regarding the safety.
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