Testing Information for LEAP 2025


LEAP 2025

This April and May, all Rapides Parish students in grades 3 through High School will be required to take LEAP 2025, the state's standardized student assessment test. Results from LEAP 2025 are helpful to evaluate student knowledge and skills for their grade level, and they can be used along with report cards and other assessments to determine a student's readiness to move on to the next level of study. 

The Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) 2025 is a statewide assessment program for students in grades 3 through high school to measure student knowledge and skills in key courses such as, ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

A student's results on the LEAP 2025 are evaluated along with a student's report cards and benchmark assessments to measure academic performance and ensure the student is ready to move onto the next level of study. The aggregate results are also used in determining a school's performance score.

Students with disabilities may be eligible to take LEAP Connect.

Testing Dates

The testing dates for LEAP 2025 are:

High School - April 11 - May 13


Grades 4-8 - April 25 - May 25


Grade 7 Innovative Assessment Window 3 - April 25 - May 25


Grade 3 (paper-based) - ELA/Math April 27-29; Science/Social Studies May 2-3



Each school determines their own schedule within the window so parents/guardians would need to reach out to their student's school for exact testing dates and times for Grades 4-8 and high school.  Grade 3 is set by the Louisiana Department of Education.

For more information on LEAP 2025 and LEAP Connect, visit LDOE's website. 

Practice Tests

Annually, the LDOE publishes practice tests in English language arts (ELA), math, science, and social studies to help students prepare for the LEAP 2025 statewide tests.

Practice tests may help you better understand how the tests compare to classroom work, and see sample questions. Talk with your child’s teachers to see how they plan to use the practice tests as part of their lessons, and how you might help walk your child through the practice tests at home to help familiarize him or her with the format and features, and answer any questions he or she might have.

For more information on how to access LEAP 2025 practice tests, see this handout.

Testing Tips!

We know testing can be a stressful, but rewarding time during an academic year. To help with families and students, we've prepared a few tips on how to create student success.

1. Study, Study, Study.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but if you're sure of the information, you'll have less reason to be worried.


2. Get Plenty of Sleep.

Your memory recall will be much better if you've had enough rest. In a scientific study, people who got enough sleep before taking a math test did better than those who stayed up all night studying.


3. Read Through the Test First.

Once you have the test paper in front of you, read over the entire test, checking out how long it is and all the parts that you are expected to complete. This will let you estimate how much time you have for each section.


4. Focus on Each Question Individually.

As you take the test, if you don't know an answer, don't obsess over it. Instead, answer the best way you can or skip over the question and come back to it after you've answered the other questions.


5. Relax!

If you're so nervous that you blank out, you might need a mini-break. Of course you can't get up and move around in the middle of a test, but you can wiggle your fingers and toes, take four or five deep breaths, or picture yourself on a beach or some other calm place. As we all know, it can be easy to forget things we know well — like a cellphone number. The difference is we know we'll remember our cellphone number because we've used it hundreds of times, so we don't panic and the combination number eventually comes back. During a test, if you blank out on something and start to get tense, it suddenly becomes much more difficult to remember.

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